Sunday, December 13, 2009

Verona, I am here!

Yes, I made it here! I made it to Verona... after a long trip from Richmond, Virginia, via Chicago and Munich. It was snowing in Munich (brought back memories of years back when we moved to Germany from the U.S. and we arrived in the midst of a snow storm!), but it was sunny in Verona when I arrived.

Of course I had my plate of sweets waiting for me at home, the stars and moon shaped sweet cookies, and the chocolate covered torrone...mmmm. I was happy to go to Piazza Bra today with mom and to see the St. Lucy market, what a treat! We bundled up, the air is cold, but nice... look at my dearest old mom, isn't she gorgeous... mink hat, leather coat with fur collar, gloves in her favorite leopard pattern... so happy to be there with me... The piazza was crowded with young and old Veronesi, sharing in the happy festivities. The Piazza is home of the big roman amphytheater Arena and in the summer is overtaken by tourists, there to enjoy the best of the best of lyrical productions. But today the atmosphere was definitely Veronese.

We walked very slowly from stand to stand, did I already say VERY slowly? ...we walked under the big "Stella" and made it to the fresh hot frittelle stand and bought some to eat. We both agreed they didn't taste the way they used to... but it was just great to pull large chunks of hot doughy fritters and walk around with sugar covering our mouths ...yummy. We walked around the Piazza all the way to Via Roma and then back to Via Mazzini, the trendy shopping area of Verona. We ventured slowly very very slowly down Via Mazzini and all the way down to Via Cappello by Juliet's balcony. The mood was happy and ligth with children still wound-up by all the sugar and yet asking for caramelle (candies).

We walked to the city bus stop, exchanged some nice words with a nun fom the Salesiani order, she was waiting like us for the bus. With so many people out, the bus was very very crowded, but we pushed our way in and made it to our neighborhood in the eastern part of the city, all the way with mom asking me about my purse...worried about shoplifters... all was good, all was great. Dad made us coffee when we got home cold and tired from this busy afternoon. Verona and family is great.

I hope you will enjoy seeing these pictures of Verona, the fritters, mom, the star, and live statues of angels.

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