Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Basilica di Sant'Anastasia

I attended an awesome concert tonight in a most beautiful setting. The Concert of Santa Lucia was in the Basilica of Santa Anastasia. The church is undergoing some renovation, most of it completed at this point. The result is spectacular. The vibrant colors of the frescoes is complemented by the beautiful overall architecture with massive pink marble columns, crossing arches, and a feel of true Italian art.
The Basilica sound friendly architecture is most appropriate for concerts. This concert had some big international names of excellent quality and reputation. There was a limited number of tickets (400) for the concert and there was a full house.
I am listing a few:

  • Corrado Rovaris, of our Philadelphia Opera Company, Accademia I Filarmonici, and of the I Virtuosi Italiani.
  • I Virtuosi Italiani, of intenational fame, a full orchestra of literally the Virtuosos of Italy.
  • Ensemble Vocale Continuum, a full choir of professional standing.

Music was various pieces of A. Corelli, A. Marcello, and A. Vivaldi.

Enjoy a virtual tour of the Basilica Sant'Anastasia. Click on Interno della Chiesa for a view of the interior.

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